Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Semi Aquatic Animals

Malaysia Post issues a series of stamps themed 'Semi Aquatic Animals' on 9th Oct 2006 to commemorate Stamp Week 2006 . Malaysia is one of the twelve mega biodiversity country in the world its diverse flora and fauna world. This set of stamps contains three postage stamps featuring mudskipper (left), hermit crab (middle), asian box turle (right); and a miniature sheets depicting four-lined tree frog, common monitor, otter civet and triangle keelback (from left to right) found at their natural habitat. I especially like the way the stamp designer presenting the semi aquatic animals found naturally in Malaysia in the miniature sheet.

Semi Aquatic Animals Miniature sheet FDC issued by Malaysia Post

Semi Aquatic Animals Postage Stamps FDC issued by Malaysia Post

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