Saturday, 18 February 2012

Medical Breakthroughs

The Royal Mail issues a series of stamps featuring medical breakthroughs on 16th September 2010. This set of medical breakthroughs stamps includes the synthesis of heart-regulating beta blockers by Sir James Black in 1962 (left, upper panel); the discovery of antibiotic properties of penicilin by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928 (middle, upper panel); total hip replacement pioneered by Sir John Charnley in 1962 (right, upper panel); artificial lens implant surgery pioneered by Sir Harold Ridley in 1949 (left, lower panel); discovery of transmission of malaria parasite by mosquitoes by Sir Ronald Ross in 1897 (middle, lower panel) and the invention of computed tomography scanner by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield in 1971.

As a medical scientist by training, I like this series of stamps very much. This set of mint stamps was a gift from a friend of mine.

Medical Breakthroughs mint stamps issued by the Royal Mail in 2010

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